Triss is a notauri pirate. She has a laser gauntlet, a mask or robotic prosthetic over the right side of her face, and she is missing her left arm.


Model Sheet Triss

Triss is a notauri with long red hair, purple skin and a muscular build. She is missing her left arm, and the right side of her face appears to be replaced by mechanical prosthetics.


A terrifying and ruthless brute, Triss won't hesitate to destroy anyone who stands in her way. However, she is capable of reason - as she killed Dr. Xaveria only after they refused to step aside. Plus, she seems to be involved in a relationship with Red, implying that even alien pirates can find love in the vast expanse of space.


Scree isn't fond of Triss, commenting that she's only good at killing.

Triss is romantically involved with Red.[1][2]


Triss Cast

Triss was part of the pirate attack on the space station. She killed Xaveria when Xaveria tried to stop her from destroying the telepad.

She was first heard walking through the station on page 520, she first appeared in the shadows on page 523, her face was first seen on 534, and she spoke her first line on page 538.



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