On pages 1545-1548 the dialogue is blurred. It may be difficult to read for some.

The blurred text reads:

TRISS: You okay, love?

RED: Yup. Scree, is there still a way down to Level Four without blowing it up?

SCREE: Well. Without the codes, it's going to be a lot harder to access the telepad, even with a compie computer. But I should be able to do it. It'll take a while, though. And we can't do it without compie tech for sure.

RED: There's got to be another compie around here somewhere. No way all of them teleported out in time!!

SCREE: That's a big bet to make.

TRISS: Those level two kids who stole that compie's computer have to be running around somewhere. That won't be a problem.

RED: Yeah see, it's fine. Scree, meet us back on the ship. We have another stop to make before we need to worry about the elevator, anyways. It'll work out!

SCREE: ... Sure.